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My Story

I was blown away and fascinated the first time I experienced a gong bath. From that very first moment I was in total awe with these handcrafted instruments. I now can’t imagine life without a gong.

While playing the gongs I channel energy and let that guide me. Every session is unique and can never be repeated, it is what it is in that moment. To me that is like nature, like watching a river or waves in the sea, they come and go, flow by; a scent of a pine tree in the woods, the experience in that one moment, that is, but cannot be grasped.

I see myself like a conduit for the sound to come into being. So I am not a healer, but the receiving of the created sound waves and vibrations might stimulate one’s body to activate its own self-healing abilities and positive energy. And all that is what I enjoy to share with others. I draw inspiration from my shamanic practice & journeying, as well from my own experiences of working in stressful work environment / industry and from her own healing journey through which I see & realised that sometimes we just need a safe space where we can stop the thinking & talking and just be…


Britta is a certified Gong & Sound-healing Practitioner 

Classically trained at young age in soprano & alto flute.

She is also extremely creative as an artist & photographer, a nature lover and practice's shamanism, shamanic drumming for journeying and 5Rhythms dance

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My Approach

My gongs are handmade by Master craftsmen in German. Each an individual Masterpiece. I appreciate quality and love finding also other handmade instruments, like my crystal harp or my monochord. 

Before a session I like to sit in nature and mediate, feeling into the current vibes of what comes to me either as inspiration for a session, by just sitting and listening to nature or doing a shamanic journey to the beats of my drum. 

Usually I start my sessions with a changing variety of different instruments, like singing bowls, monochord or my crystal harp, but predominantly I focus on the sounds and vibrations of gongs.

For Personal one on one sessions I like to check in with the person to bring suitable instruments.

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