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Sounds of the Universe

Gong & Sound Healing 


This is a powerful yet relaxing experience through the meditative
qualities of sounds from gongs and other instruments

Feel their pulsations and let the millions of vibrations dance and flow through your senses. You will become fearless, relaxed and awakened. It creates strength, peace, healing and rejuvenates’ the nervous system or relaxes sore muscles in your body.

Gong baths may also help to stimulate circulation & balance the body’s energy flow, releasing tension from head to toe. It can also be deeply grounding, clear blockages – all which promote physical and emotional wellbeing.

The complex sounds of a gong will transcend the brainwaves into an altered state of consciousness which is a great way to reduce stress in a therapeutic beneficial dream / trance like state.
Sounds are unique – some compare them with the vision of floating in space, others to diving into the sea – come without expectations and experience for yourself.

Listen with outer and inner ears.

All you need to do is lay down, receive and let the sonic frequencies “wash” through you, bringing you deep relaxation and a sense of energy to your body, mind and soul.

Easter Special

If you feel like a deep dive relaxation over the Easter Bank Holiday, come and journey with us on Easter Sunday for a Special 2hours session… it will be a treat

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About Me

I was blown away and fascinated the first time I experienced a gong bath. From that very first moment I was in total awe with these handcrafted instruments. I now can’t imagine life without a gong.

My Treatments


One on One Gong Session

60 Minute private Gong Sound healing session Private Therapy Room in Crystal Palace

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One on One Singing bowl Session

60 Minute private Singing bowl session private therapy room in Crystal Palace

Gong & Sound Bath Group Sessions

Group Gong & Sound Healing sessions see link for Dates & Tickets



"Britta’s session are very intuitively held and with high level of gong playing” 


“When I hear a Gong I feel like I hear the sound of the Universe.”

Franziska R.

“You make magic with everything you touch, You touch me!”

Murielle T.


Events & Spa day bookings

It would be my pleasure holding a sound bath at your event or festival.

Spa days or wellness programs are a wonderful way of giving back. 

Please enquire via e-mail for bookings.

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